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Suzanne Othmer

Having worked with Brigitte on different facets of my business and personal life, what has most impressed me is her ability to ask the right questions. This has allowed me to examine and shift the limiting perspectives that were holding me back from what I most wanted in my life and business. In addition to helping me find within myself some of the answers and solutions that I was looking for, Brigitte has provided me with new tools along with the support to help me identify and create the balance I was seeking between my work and personal life.

Last year, I gave our self-employed agents in my business the gift of a New Year’s Retreat, facilitated by Brigitte. Throughout the day, she skillfully guided us to identify the intention we wished for ourselves and our business in the coming year. She provided the tools and resources to create a plan as well as action steps to achieve it. Brigitte is a great asset to anyone and certainly to entrepreneurs who are looking at kicking it up a notch. I highly recommend her.


Suzanne Othmer, Owner and Broker of Record, Royal LePAGE~ Best Choice Realty.

Sherry Morton-Jibb

I have been coaching with Brigitte for several years. In addition to providing powerful questions and visioning exercises, she always helps me to create ‘the plan’ to bring my ideas to life.  Brigitte creates a safe place to fully show up.  In addition to helping me maintain balance between my personal life and my business, Brigitte’s coaching keeps me focused and accountable to my goals.  Her belief and support have empowered me to build the business of my dreams.  I highly recommend her to others. 


Sherry Morton-Jibb, Co-owner of Balanced Motion Pilates and Yoga Studio

Robyn Dewar 

Since Brigitte’s approach is holistic, I always felt comfortable and immensely supported to bring forth areas I needed coaching on in my personal life as much as my business. The safe and sacred space that she creates for the coaching relationship is one of her great gifts. Brigitte is compassionate and non-judgmental. She held my dreams preciously. In our coaching sessions, the focus was always on me, my needs and my choices. With her help, I was able to shed what no longer serves me in my business and personal life to focus on what matters most. Brigitte helped me find my Rainbow Warrior Goddess who I now channel whenever fear or doubt set in! I regularly access the many tools that she has given me to lead my life and my business. My self-confidence has been boosted by Brigitte’s coaching. I’m fully embracing my amazing life!


Robyn Dewar, Singer, Songwriter and Entrepreneur

Kari Sterling

Throughout our coaching there is always space for me to find my own answers and enormous safety for me to speak my truth. It’s not only her expertise and experience that make Brigitte a great coach; it’s the fact that she really gets what I’m struggling with. I appreciate her compassion, humanity and humour. Brigitte’s questions shine a light so I can see and articulate with crystal clear clarity what I really want in my life and business. Her belief and support allow me to break down my self-limiting barriers.


Kari Sterling, Owner of Soothing Soles- Spa and Wellness Services

Patricia Foreman

Coaching with Brigitte helped me give a voice to feelings I had never articulated. She really knows her stuff and hears beyond the words you speak. Brigitte made me feel safe and related to me with so much empathy. The coaching had a real impact on my personal and business life. In addition to letting go of what no longer serves me, I can now confidently ask clients to pay me what I'm worth.


Beautiful Interiors By Patricia

Pat Dickinson

Brigitte has empowered me to overcome my perceived obstacles. I now know that what I am most passionate about can be my 'true' work. Through her effective questions as well as the exercises and challenges that she has given me, I gained greater clarity about how my business and services can provide real value to my clients.  Brigitte's vast knowledge has given me many innovative ideas to market my business and services.  Her belief, support and encouragement have made me look at myself and my business with renewed energy. I am stepping out of my comfort zone to fulfill a lifelong dream!

Pat Dickinson Design