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Meet Brigitte

While channel surfing one day, something I heard on a PBS special caught my attention. A woman was speaking about a relatively new but rapidly growing profession called Life Coaching. I was mesmerized.

Even as a young child, I knew I was more sensitive that most. Injustice and prejudice deeply affected me. Regardless of whether it happened before my eyes or not, I could sense the pain and anguish of human beings, especially children who were treated unfairly. Although I could not always take adults to task on their unacceptable behaviors, I envisioned ways to empower the children who were being victimized. Enlightened higher sensory perceptions led me to create a rich inner world where I could find refuge from the often noisy, chaotic and confusing outer world. There, I day- dreamed, created to my heart's desire and made the world right again, even if only in my mind.

As the first born of six children, leadership seemed like a natural fit. In my senior year in high school, targeting a field of study that could lead to a fulfilling career felt daunting. Although I had always enjoyed creative writing the guidance counselor's recommendation of journalism as "the obvious choice," did not resonate for me. After vacillating between a career where I could express my creativity and one where I could be of service to others in a meaningful way, I finally settled on social work. My passion for learning was stoked.

However, after embarking on my career path, I became increasingly disheartened. The level of bureaucracy and red tape seemed disproportionate to the actual time that I could spend helping my clients and truly making a difference.

Years later, when my second child passed away it left a gaping hole in my soul; one that would take years to mend. My family had always been my safe haven but this time, my solace came from leadership and community work. Along the way, I decided to further my studies in psychology but after my marriage ended, I was suddenly raising three children on my own.

In order to make ends meet, I worked a full-time job along with several part-time side jobs. Frequently this required me to tap into every ounce of courage, determination and resilience I had. Carving additional time for my University courses was a challenge. Since my family is and always will be my first priority, I could no longer ignore my intuition's nudges. After hitting the pause button, I was able to hear the message with crystal clarity; this was not the path I was being called to follow.

The entrepreneurial blood coursing through my veins as well as the yearning for freedom and flexibility while performing work that feels fervently purposeful, informed my decision to become self-employed.

That day as I listened to Cheryl Richardson on my television, I got a real sense that life coaching is a powerful force for change. That day, I found my true calling.

The vibration of our soul is our energetic frequency. Since it affects our reality and what we attract, it is not surprising that my ideal clientele quickly found me. Being invited into the inner sanctums of my creative, spiritual, kick-ass, "game changing" clients is a profound privilege for which I am deeply grateful.

As a coach, my most important tools are my intuition, creativity and compassion. As I tap into my clients innate wisdom, I also align with their deepest desires and core values. By asking powerful questions, my clients can explore and discover their own answers and solutions. Together, we co-create their best lives.

As the founder of Brigitte Auger Life Coaching, I provide coaching to individuals and small businesses. Additionally, I am the creator of The Circle Seminars and Retreats, as well as Wild Abandon Creativity Coaching and Workshops. I design training for groups and facilitate workshops, seminars and retreats for businesses as well as for the corporate and non-profit sectors.

A profound reverence for this planet and the legacy I envision for future generations led me to study and practice Shamanism.

Solitude is something I not only treasure but feel is essential to my well-being. It is where I process and recharge.

Unbridled joy for me is a serendipity day. There is no agenda and it usually starts with a long, leisurely soak in my tub accompanied by a beloved book. This would explain why most of my favorite books have curly pages! Those days can find me making art, writing, repurposing vintage textiles, going for a walk in nature or a taking a short road trip to wherever the spirit moves me.

Yoga and Pilates help to keep me grounded while also releasing the tension that builds up in my body when I am a desk jokey for too long.

Because of my commitment to living a life free of regrets, I strive to bring intimacy, compassion, integrity and authenticity to my relationships.